Introduction Of Moi…

Hey everyone! This is Ivonnah and this is my very first blog entry!! Just a small introduction for you all to get to know ME. I’m so excited! This is going to be a place where I can just be free! Write what I want, say I how I feel with no concern of sentence structure or proper punctuation…much like my twitter page with more than 140 characters.

First and foremost I LOVE the Lord! Will all of my posts be preachin’ ? No, but I will reference Him a great deal because He is in the forethought of my mind throughout the day. I’m not religious, I have a relationship with God. There’s a BIG difference! I use to be religious, go to church, stand, sit, kneel and repeat, drink wine from the same cup during communion (glad y’all are dippin’ the cracker now St. Luke’s). I’d pray everyday…pray that I would get to my men’s magazine photo shoot on time, and thank God that there were no accidents on 95 South! Hallelujah Jesus!! Who moves to Los Angeles and finds God, not the surface God, the spare tire God, but the almighty, all powerful God and gets to have a deeper, more intimate relationship Him? ME! Most people move here and find drugs, sex and alcohol…me? I’ve been abstinent for almost two years (oh yeah God, about that husband?), I don’t drink…ok a sip of Moscato here and there, and cocaine looks like it burns and I hate when I get dust in my nose!

On a serious note, if I had never done a video or a photo shoot for men’s magazines then I would have never been a Wild N’ Out girl (everyone’s fave I hear), then I would have never moved to LA and found a church that helped me grow up so much in Christ! The girls that know me from television wouldn’t feel comfortable telling me what they need prayer for, but they do because they feel like they know me and they trust me with their problems. The guys who had my pictures on their prison walls (except Whalley Ave. my godfather is a CO there…nuff said) wouldn’t have had the courage to send me prayer requests with no funny business attached. I wouldn’t have people telling me that I make them want to go back to Christ or get to know Him better because of my twitter prayers. Please! They wouldn’t be following Ivonnah the hairdresser from New Haven! But they do follow Ivonnah, from the Avant video or Ivonnah the short haired girl from Wild N’ Out…

In conclusion, God has a divine purpose for our lives but we HAVE to follow His word, He orders our steps. Sometimes we have to go through things in our lives to protect the next person coming behind us, so they won’t make the same mistakes we did. Following Christ doesn’t always mean your life will be perfect, there are some rocky times that we have to go through in order to come out victorious in the end. Even when we mess up He’ll use it to get us to our destiny. Lord knows I feel like Joseph all the time!! He was sent to prison following Gods word, he wouldn’t disrespect the covenant of marriage. He was lied on and sent to prison, betrayed by his brothers (not in that order) but if it never happened then he would have never become the ruler of Egypt!

We are all Kings and Queens because we are joint heirs with Jesus Christ. He’s just waiting on US to get our act together so he can bless us with our inheritance!!

OK welp! That went in an entirely different direction than I planned! Haha! That was for somebody…

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