Who’s Gotcha Covered…

What are your requirements for a mate? Does he have to be tall, dark and handsome? Have enough money to buy you an island? AND get you there often (That would be amaaaazing, lol). But for real, guys, does she have to be fine? Have a body for days? Always have her nails done? What’s a deal breaker for you? What about your friends? Do they have to be spiritually grounded in Christ? How important is that to you…

When I was younger I was under the misconception that it was cool as long as he/they had SOME kind of spiritual guidance even though I believe Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. I thought that if they are spiritually grounded in whatever they believed that it was all good. Boy was I wrong…

So fast forward to the present…Last week at our church anniversary Pastor Dre was explaining how important it is to have Pastor Chuck covering her. It was like a light bulb went off in my head, well over…you know the one I’m talking about. Everything I thought was important in my mate in the past was so irrelevant, superficial and meaningless. I mean when I meet a man I still check out his shoes BUT, lol… Ok ladies do you know how important it is to have a man (husband) who is going to cover you? Go to spiritual battle on your behalf and for the behalf of your family? When you’ve done all that you can do, and you’re tired, to have a man who’s going to keep you lifted in prayer? Do you even understand HOW important that is!? Gentlemen, are you aware of how important it is for your woman (wife) to be YOUR spiritual backbone? To make sure your kids are in the word? To get down on her knees and pray and fight through the spiritual battle with you?

What about your friends? In Romans 12 it says that we are one body. We are one body in Christ, therefore if we’re in this together and I mess up, I mess you up. Right? Take my high blood pressure for instance, when it’s acting up it causes me to have a headache, my sinuses to hurt, and my ears and my teeth, sometimes my legs feel funny AND now they’re monitoring my kidneys…ALL because of my blood pressure. Why? Because I have one body and when one thing is acting up it affects my ENTIRE body because it’s connected. The same goes for the body of Christ, if I slip up, I slip you up and guess what!? Guess who’s also connected to us? Jesus. Yep, we take Him right along with us into our sin, (as Pastor Kelvin calls it, Self Inflicted Nonsense) People are always quick to say “The Lord knows my heart” Yep! He sure does and He knew when you were lusting over that man or when you fornicated with that woman. He knew your heart alright and you dragged Him right along into that bed, He inhaled that puff of weed with you, and He was right there as you were cussin’ that lady out. Brings the idea of repentance to a whole other level huh?

Yeah yeah yeah, I know a lot of you are gonna say “well Jesus died for my sin” (insert eye & neck roll), but have we forgotten the part about being made in God’s image? So, if we were made in God’s image and so was Jesus and they are perfect then…hmmm riiiiiiiight. Oh don’t get your knickers in a tizzy, NO God does NOT expect us to be perfect that’s why Jesus died for us, BUT as Proverbs 26:11 says “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool repeats his folly.” So basically if we keep going back and doing the same SELF INFLICTED NONSENSE then we’re fools, God says so. We have to try our best everyday to be like Christ. There’s no way in the world we can be as dope or as fly as He was, not at all but we must strive to be, and have people in your corner who are striving to be as well.

This takes me to John 15, pruning…

He is the vine, we are the branches…We are connected to Him, He is connected to us, and as brothers and sisters in Christ we are connected to each other. Now if you have a tree in your yard and the branches are dead, dried up and not producing any fruit then what do you do? You cut them off so that they don’t kill the entire tree. Who are the dead branches in your life?

Jesus Christ resides on the inside of us! His Holy Spirit! How can we keep dragging Him into our nonsense, into our sin and keep using excuses meanwhile we’re killing ourselves in the spirit. Causing parts of us to dry up, wither and die! Nothing that is dead can be connected to Jesus. If we’re dying in the spirit there’s no way we can be connected to His vine. No way.

16 responses to “Who’s Gotcha Covered…

  • Carina Denise

    Very interesting and true !!!!!

  • Kiziana

    God has truly giving you a gift of writing and ” keeping it real”! I thank you for listening to Him and getting His message out. Let me tell how God works; I have been sleeping in my bed since 9:56pm and apparently I heard my bbm go off @ 2:14am ( don’t ask how I clearly heard it and woke up to check it, that is so random for me!) In checking my phone I saw an email that your blog was up, so I decided to read it and boy did the topic come in so timely! Guess God had bigger plans of waking me up, because I didn’t even read the bbm!! Might be time to but off some dead branches in my life……

  • Mike B

    I trust you are leading a youth and young adult ministry?????? Listen to GOD

  • patricia

    bad company corrupts good character.

  • Humble

    Good read. While I agree with you, especially about the roles of the man and woman in a Spiritual Union, I would ask you to research just what is sin in these New Testament times.

    Lord Jesus said in the last days the sheep would be scattered each man to his own home. He also did away with sin and replaced it with Grace because without Grace no one would be able to be saved. That means each man, woman, or Union now has the right to set up their home and set the spiritual rules as they see fit for their home and no one but God can judge what they do in their home.

    So while we set up our spiritual homes we should not look at anyone else and tell them their home is not right with God that is not our job. Not saying that is what you are doing just saying in general as a reminder.

    May you and your church Family continue to be blessed on your spiritual journey.

    • inivonnahswords

      Thanks for your reply. I never talk about anything that I haven’t studied, usually my blogs come from what I’m studying at the time. Yes we do have Grace but does that mean we should abuse it? Just live out lives all willy nilly? No we need to live righteously. John & Romans which I referenced are both in the New Testament. They are clear, One body (Romans 12) He is the vine (John 15). If we are truly connected to Him and His Holy Spirit resides in us, then we really need to try and not sin because Jesus has no parts of sin. He cuts the dead branches off, sin does nothing but kill you in the spirit. It’s not about judgment, people are quick to throw that around. It’s the truth, there are people in your life who need to be removed from time to time. People who aren’t good for your growth, because we are one body. Just like Patrica said “bad company corrupts good character” Hang with someone who speaks slang all the time and you’ll find yourself speaking like them. People’s bad habits rub off on you, that’s not judgment, that’s truth.

      • Humble

        I agree with you. My question is if Jesus did away with the old law what is sin now? Are the sins we talking about based on Jesus commandments, there are only two, or on what man has taught us is sin like cussing etc..

        And I get hit with the judgment thing all the time too I understand what you are saying the thing about judging is you must expect to be judged the way you judge others so if you are confident in your walk by all means judge away you can help someone. I am not that confident so I try not to at all. lol

        No problem on the reply you wrote a great post it inspired me to reply so kudos to you my Sister. Stay blessed.

      • inivonnahswords

        Judgment isn’t always bad, that word has been given a bad name lol. I don’t look down at people who aren’t confident in their walk because we can all fall at given moment.

  • Don

    Yes, Vonnie, the quote above,”Bad company corrupts good character” is from the Bible, in the Proverbs! Young people are REALLY weak in this area, because they let their friends push them into things they know are wrong. They MUST cut away from those “friends” who are NOT friends! Pray for them, love them, but, don’t hang around with them much, or they’ll drag you into the dirt! Stay around the friends who build you up, not tear you down!
    Re: Spouses, or boyfriends, or girlfriends: They MUST have the same main values as you, or else it’s not going to last! (And I oughta know, right?)

  • Nicole

    Awesome post Von! This spoke right into my heart. And the *insert neck and eye roll* had me rolling. Keep ’em coming! ❤

  • Miya G.

    Von! you are so on point with this one it’s not even funny, OK! I FINALLY cut off my dead branch last night (uncle j hada go)! then i get the alert to read this & it made me feel like a million bucks. God is workin on me 2 cuz every-time i hada doubt, thinkin i made the wrong decision for doin it God has shown me a sign why i was correct in my decision. i should’ve done it longtime ago! ok

    thankx for writing this. it’s awesome.

  • Rhonda Marie

    Thank you Von Danielle Marie Erskine!

  • Shanika

    Awesome! This was definitely what I needed to read and so true! This is my new favorite blog! Keep the post coming 🙂

  • C. Greene

    I think you are the new dopeness in life LOL. Really though, that was an amazing blog you wrote. Its rare that you find an individual that speak the language your speaking and their spiritual beauty matches if not surpasses their outer beauty. And because your physical appearance is so refined and in other words BEAUTIFUL (not to overuse the word) that speaks volumes about who you are. Thank you for being a prototype. God Bless!

    p.S…… Kudos on the rebuddle on the Judgement comment B^)

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