Awesomemazing woman of God. A mother, a former video model, a Sunday school teacher, a mentor, a dancer – who knows how to act, I’m a student, my mothers only child & second oldest of my dad, I’m a missionary, I like Chanel bags, Gucci dresses & YSL shoes, just call me the Phyllis Nefler of the mission field, I like to dress up & look pretty & when I do, I do the most, I have big hair, I love all things girly, I’m cranky in the morning, I love 80’s music, (my son came out the womb doing the moonwalk), I’m head unicorn tamer and queen sprinkle thrower, I like purple hearts and romantic stuff, I’ve been abstinent since 2008, not because it’s the cool thing to do, but because God told me to so I made a vow to the Lord, I’m smart, I want to get married soon, I’m dope, I’m an extreme PTA mom (as my son calls me) and I’m everyone’s favorite Wild N’ Out girl, the one with the short hair Better Known As Ivonnah…

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  • Talib Haqq

    Hi Ivonnah i love your 1st blog i always wonder about who you were & what you are all about i found your love for GOD very attractive and uplifting and your honesty about abstinent for over 2 yrs is very similar to my life but i’m a lot more fearful to admit because my lack of faith in alot of area in my life right now because things are in a dark place.
    Anywho THANKZ you for your message i found it to be honest & hope filled and i glad you somewhat in my life and you maybe here to help me rekindle my relationship with GOD?
    P.S. Im not a writer so i pray u understand my points & JUST SAY NO to THE MOSCATO WHATEVER THAT IS LOL!

  • Juan Johnson

    Hi, again woman of God you have blew me away with what I read from your blog. I love to hear when someone talk about my God, because if it was for the grace of God I don’t no were I would be. That’s why I can’t help, but praise my Jesus Vonnah because God is to good to me to be shy about my God. Vonnah you have stirred my spirit I have to get back to my studing. I have to finish studied for my finals. Hope to hear from you tomorow.

  • Brittany Jones

    Hey Von, sister from another mother..hehe but i think this blog is wonderful. I so need this in my life, ur words of wisdom, and courage are streaming through my body as i read them and I just want to say thank you..GOD is an amazing job and I am holding on to my faith in my trails and tribulations. THANK U again… *see faith*

  • Driana

    Trust me, honey! There’s no possible way that your commitment to celibacy since 2008 could be confused with “the cool thing to do.” That’s an amazing accomplishment! Proud of you!


    Nice… Soooo…. when will you write the biography, i would love to read it? From video model to Sunday school teacher (wow), mom , student, mentor,dancer, can act,and from NEW HAVEN ;), And it looks like you have an incredibly bright future ahead of you, God’s Will..full circle. Young ladies planning on going in to the video music industry can learn from your story! Proud of you Ivonnah… God Bless!!!

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