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The Ugly Truth

Ok I have a question? How come people don’t like to hear the truth? And how come when you tell someone the truth, or someone tells you the truth we’re so quick to say “Why you judgin’ me!?” *rolls eyes* Ok, that was two…but really people what’s the problem? Do we not want to better ourselves?? We’re supposed to gird our waist with truth, and speak truth to our brother & sister if we truly love them. Now that DOES NOT mean you go running around throwing your opinions at folks all willy nilly. I mean if you see your brother or your sister killing themselves in the spirit. Doing something that is detrimental to their life!

People always claim to be able to handle the truth but in all actuality that’s far from the truth! The minute a friend lets us know something that isn’t quite right about ourselves we’re QUICK to throw up that wall and just block that person out. When they’re the ones we need in our lives!! They’re the ones who won’t let us make stupid mistakes or better yet be our accomplice while making the mistake!! Y’all know we all have that friend that we can call anytime of night to roll out to do some foolishness. Shoot I’ll still dress in all black and do a stakeout with you, but I won’t let you bust his windows boo or help you jump the girl, no sir ree bob. #1 I’m grown #2 It’s just plain dumb. But we will get evidence!!

Sorry, I don’t know where that came from…seriously we need the people in our lives who are going to check us (with love) not sit there idly by and let us do stupid stuff! When our friends tell us something that will benefit us we need to take a moment, take a look at our lives and see if what they’re saying makes sense. Then pray and ask God to help change it. I mean, I’m hoping that the people we call “friend” are people that we trust! People that have our best interest at heart, and want to see us grow. We all need a little sprucing up! I know I’m a brat at times I have OCS (only child syndrome) which is funny because it didn’t kick in until I was an adult #tricky…but the first step is admitting you have a problem :).

The truth is, that the truth can be ugly but we can’t keep it hidden in the closet or under the rug. We have to bring the truth to light in order to work through it, over come it and move past it. Jesus’ scars we ugly, and they were painful, they were exposed for all to see but those scars healed us and saved our lives. Keep the people close to you that help you heal and will keep you from killing yourself not the ones who will just rub salt in the wound or push you over the cliff…